Material AISI 304 stainless steel

Casserole Bollire PALERMO 3.1 L

Article: BR-2103
Size: 20x11.5cm
Inner coating Hot-pressed frame polish, litre capacity mark on the inside
Outer coating Hot-pressed polish on 2/3 of the frame, mirror polish on 1/3 of the frame
Bottom technology Triple in-stamped and in-melted bottom (1.0 mm aluminium, 1.0 mm iron, 1.0 mm aluminium)
Lid material Heat resistant glass lid with a steam release aperture. A stainless steel rim protects the lid against cracking and shearing
Handles Cast stainless steel with silicon inserts
Usage Cannot be used in ovens
Stove type Usable with stoves of any type, including induction cooktops